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The servers are ???


AlbionStatus is your reliable Albion Online server status tracker! Operating since Jul 29th 2017 (already a year by now 🎉), it was the first Albion Online server status tracker ever! The project was created when no server status page was available and Albion Online devs announced the server status changes manually. Additionally, there were heavy DDoS attacks against the servers. AlbionStatus was built to allow players to stay informed about the Albion Online server status while doing something else, like watching videos or playing something else. The key goal was to make refreshing the server status page and client obsolete, and I'm quite sure that we reached it!

We also have a -bot which you can follow to stay up to date about the server status. Be sure to take a look into the FAQ if you haven't done that by now!

Open Source

Also, AlbionStatus is the first open source tracker for the servers of Albion Online. If you are interested how the tech stack looks like, what queries we do and how we save the data, check out our three   GitHub   repos! Thanks a lot to all contributors who helped building AlbionStatus.

What's next?

Oh, great question! There are several more features planned:

  • Uptime charts 📊 (partially done!)
  • Server status widget 🔌 (coming soon)
  • CLI/Bot support 🤖
  • Push notifications on server status change 👈🏼 Done!
  • More sources of truth for the server status ➕

If you are interested in contributing towards the project, just do it 😊. Take an issue (or open one) to signal that you want to work on it or submit a PR if you are on it!